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The Use Characteristics of the Access Control System of Business Institutions
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The Use Characteristics of the Access Control System of Business Institutions

In many entrances and exits such as factories, schools, scientific research institutions, companies, hospitals, residences, prisons and hotels, closed management is required for the safety of work and life.

Ⅰ. The emergence of gate access control systems

The traditional method is for the staff in the communication room to register and release the personnel entering and exiting. This method is time-consuming, laborious and easy to cause errors, so the gate access control system came into being.

The door access systems use personal identification to work, not only the fingerprint identification of the access control system, it can realize the control of entrances and exits and the monitoring and management of main places, including important offices, main entrances and exits.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of the gate access control system

1. Using RFID, fingerprint, face, barcode and other recognition technologies, through setting card permissions, real-name authentication management, and automatic real-time deletion of resignees, the company's security is more guaranteed.

2. Simplify the management and use cost of traditional door locks, establish a standardized management image for companies, buildings or offices, improve management levels, and standardize internal management systems.

3. The access control system is set with hierarchical administrator permissions, and different administrators have different permissions to enter, making the networked access control system safer and more reliable.

4. The access control system can restrict the access rights of personnel in terms of time, location, and verification methods.

5. Provide a variety of data interfaces to provide convenient and quick access for other system expansion.

6. One machine has multiple functions to prevent employees from leaving their jobs privately during working hours. The gate access control system with attendance can also be used for company staff attendance and check personnel entry and exit records.

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