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Die Casting Speed Gate CXT-BST12
Die Casting Speed Gate CXT-BST12
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Colorful Modular Die Casting Speed Gate BST12

Main Features

1. Can be connected with any external control device and receive the relay signal/dry contact by button or remote control, fingerprint and etc. one or bi-direction passing control are optional.
2. Auto reset function: barrier arm rotate 90 degree and then auto resets when detecting human/objects’ passing. The system will auto cancel the permission of the passage and return to the initial position if the people not passed within specified time(adjustable).
3. Lighting indicator :High brightness passing and red arrow indicate the passing information.
4. Anti-following function:
A、Barrier arm will rotate 90 degree for normal passing, and the arm will auto close,block and alarm if there has trailing.
B、(when equipped with infrared sensor detection) the infrared sensor send alarms if someone attempt to trail when person or objects are not fully passing through the channel.
5. Fire emergency function: can be connected with fire alarm signal, the door will auto normally open when happened fire emergency.
6. Alarm prompt function: When an illegal passage or a brake is issued, the door will auto send a alarm if the people illegal passing or intrusion.
7. Speed adjustable: Multi-stage adjustable the speed of opening and closing, and can be set according to the actual demand.
8. Advanced industrial-grade ARM control system with additional functions such as multi-function digital setting, encryption and reset.
9. Anti-reverse function: the barrier arm will auto block and alarm if there have a reverse force push the arm when the arm reset, until the force disappear and then the arm auto resume to normal.
10. Auto self-protection function: when the arm is prevented by the external force, the system will start the protection detection program and enter the sleep state. When the next legal signal is input, the gate will automatically return to normal.
11. Anti-collision and buffer function: When illegally passing or intrusion, the gate will auto into the buffer protection mode, and send a alarm and blocking, realizing humanized anti-injury and equipment damage caused by frequent collision.
12. The gate normal open when power is off, the arm will auto reset when power is on.

Speed Gates Packing Details:

Color for optional

Royal Yellow/Metal Silver/Royal Champagne/can be tailored

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Die Casting Modular Speed Gate

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