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How to install the wing gate?
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How to install the wing gate?

Wing gate installation step 1: line pre-embedded It is required to determine the position of the chassis, select the best routing path between the center point of the fixed position of the chassis and the control room, and pre-embed or excavate the cable trench.
Put an appropriate diameter conduit (PVC pipe or steel pipe) into the dug trench, and insert the power and control wires required by the equipment (control wires include: manual button wire 3 cores, RS485 communication signal wire 3 cores) ). If the distance is long, the power line and the control line must be run separately (the distance between the two pipes should be more than 50CM). A 8-core connecting cable is connected between the two turnstiles. After all the lines are laid, it is best to fill the concrete after the debugging is successful.
Installation step 2 of the wing gate: fix the wing gate First, power up the two wing gates to make the wings run to the closed state, then align the wings of the two wing gates so that the wings are on the same straight line, and the distance between the wings is 3CM to 5CM. It is necessary to test whether the infrared is aligned, and then all functions are debugged.
Make a mark on the ground in the center of the screw hole of the base and the edge of the chassis base, then remove the chassis, and use a drill to drill vertically on the marked screw hole. The size and depth should meet the requirements of the expansion screw. Move the device to the original position, drive in the expansion screw and tighten the screw.

Turn on the turnstile: Before turning on the electricity, carefully check the various terminals of the turnstile’s main board for looseness, to ensure that the mechanical parts are not stuck, operate flexibly, whether the equipment has been reliably grounded, whether there is a short circuit, etc. Electricity. Function debugging: This gate is a two-way normally closed wing gate. It is externally connected to the incoming and outgoing credit card signals. When there is no card swiping signal, the alarm will be issued when pedestrians enter from the incoming direction. Similarly, when there is no card swiping signal, the alarm will be issued when pedestrians enter from the outgoing direction. Pedestrian swipe card access: the opening of the wings is delayed, and the wings will be closed when pedestrians pass within the set passing time. If the pedestrians still cannot pass within the time limit, the wings will be closed. When someone enters in the opposite direction, the gate will be closed immediately and an alarm will be issued. When the object is on the middle anti-pinch infrared, when the closing delay is exceeded, an alarm will be issued but the gate will not be closed, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. When pedestrians pass by, if two people are too close, they will be treated as one person according to the time limit.

Automatic detection: When encountering an obstacle, it will automatically detect 5 times, then stop at the obstacle position, and then give the same direction signal, and the gate will return to normal. If the gate can not find the zero position at the beginning of the power-on, it will carry out 5 tests. After 5 tests, it will stop running to avoid damage to the parts of the gate;
Step 3 of wing gate installation: connect the controller wiring according to the wing gate wiring diagram and connect the power cord of the device. If the device needs to be equipped with other control systems (such as access control management system, fingerprint management system, consumption management system, etc.), it is necessary to output the signal from the control system 1 (green), 2 (black), 3 (blue) and 2 (black) of the wire access terminal block are the common terminals. If you need to use the manual button to control the gate, you can extend the small button line that was originally equipped at the factory. The two wing gates are used synchronously, please connect the connecting line to the two gates and connect them well. Infrared access method, the power supply is connected to 12V, and the signal is IR1, IR2, IR3, IR4, IR5 from right to left facing the gate. At least 3 pairs or more, if it is 3 pairs, it will be connected to IR1, IR3, IR5. If two turnstiles are connected online, it needs to be connected, the connection line is an 8-core wire, and the connection method is, connection method of connection line: if there are two turnstiles A and B, then the 11 end of the connection line of the A unit is connected to the 12 end of the B unit. , A station 12 is connected to B station 11, A station 13 is connected to B station 17, A station 14 is connected to B station 16, A station 15 is connected to B station 15, A station 16 is connected to B station 14, A station 17 is terminated to B station 13 end A station 18 is terminated to B station 18 end, and the same is true for multiple stations. Both gates of a channel are connected in this way.

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