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Waist height Turnstile
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Waist height Turnstile

Rotor Turnstile/Waist Height Turnstile Description

  • Pass prompt, booster rotation(electric power steering, EPS)
  • Smooth running and no noise
  • Free passing setting: Buffering
  • Anticollision&anti-reverse function
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional access control can be manual set
  • Fault self-checking and warning, convenient for users to use and maintain
  • Half height rotation gate
  • Application scenarios: indoor/outdoor
  • Anti-trailing performance: excellent
  • Anti-collision:excellent
  • Passing type: pedestrian-only

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    March 26, 2018Waist height rotor turnstile gate can be applied in Kids-garden, stadium for a safer and efficient access control management.view