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Motorized Full Height Turnstile
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Motorized Full Height Turnstile

  • Turnstile CXT-Z1701B-120

    Turnstile CXT-Z1701B-120

    March 8, 2022Features of single door 120 degree full height turnstile: 1) It has the functions of fault self-checking and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;2) An external switch...view
  • Full Automatic Full Height Turnstile Mechanism

    Full Automatic Full Height Turnstile Mechanism

    June 16, 2022Semi-automatic full-height turnstile mechanism,Full Height Turnstile Mechanism,Full Automatic Full Height Turnstile Mechanism,Turnstile Mechanism,Full Height Turnstile Mechanismview
  • Motorized Full Height Turnstile CXT-Z1702A-120

    Motorized Full Height Turnstile CXT-Z1702A-120

    April 7, 2020Temperature Measuring AI Face Recognition Turnstile Door AI Face Recognition TerminalEconomic infrared thermal module.Dual sensors& live detectionFull screen measurement, efficient and quick acces...view
  • Stainless Steel Full Height Revolving Turnstile CXT-Z1701A-90

    Stainless Steel Full Height Revolving Turnstile CXT-Z1701A-90

    March 26, 2018High security gate automation type Single door Uni-direction and bi-directional control for optioanlview
  • Double Gateway Full Height Turnstile Door Z1702A-120

    Double Gateway Full Height Turnstile Door Z1702A-120

    March 26, 2018With the strength of a heavy-duty steel frame, Full Height Turnstiles provide floor-to-ceiling security. A Full Height turnstile can be used for one-way o...view
  • Full Height Turn Style Door C1701F

    Full Height Turn Style Door C1701F

    April 7, 2020RFID Card Reader Full Height Turnstile DoorFeatures and Functions:1. Full automatic Turnstile door with high quality.embody with auto failure checking and failure reminding function for easier mainten...view
  • Prison gate/Prison turnstiles

    Prison gate/Prison turnstiles

    June 5, 2024Prisons, in a broad sense, refer to places where all prisoners are detained. In a narrow sense, they refer to places where state organs educate, reform and punish anti-intoxicants. Under this definition, safety and stability are the primary tasks for theview

Full-Height Turnstile Installation

The High-Security Series units can be engineered to meet all your security and control requirements, and can be created as stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated system. Available in stainless steel (304 or 316), carbon steel with powder coating, or hot-dipped galvanized finish. These units can be fitted for any application with leading edge technology and features.

CXT Automatic full height Revolving Door combine with advanced Arm control system and leading technology version's brush-less motor control board with it's unique DFC tech which can improve it's lifespan,speed,noise,stability greatly.

CXT full height turnstile is develop base on the tripod twister, and it's draw from the merit of tripod turnstile.It can classify as Full Height Turnstile and half height turnstile. Full height turnstile is more popular in the market for it's high security.

The resistance [part are combine with 3 or 4 steel bar at horizontal it so call "cross" type or "Y" type full rotating gate. People can pass the gate by pushing the bar slightly.Then the electronic steering system will rotate the gate for passing.

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