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What should I do if there is no response after swiping the card at the wing gate?
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What should I do if there is no response after swiping the card at the wing gate?

Wing turnstiles are often used by everyone when taking the subway. Sometimes when you put Shenzhen Pass on it, the wing turnstiles still do not open. The subway wing turnstiles do not respond and you cannot pass through the wing turnstiles. At this time, you should contact the administrator or subway customer service staff in time.

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As a brand channel wing gate manufacturer, the innovative fault analysis method is as follows:

1) The indicator light on the main board of the wing gate is normal. When a valid gate opening signal is given, the L7 or L8 indicator light flashes intermittently, the direction indicator board turns into a green arrow (it contains two signals in different directions), and the wing gate machine has no action. :

2) Wing gate detection method: detect the output voltage (AC18V) of PC and PD at the PX terminal, and detect F2 (3A)

3) Whether the fuse is blown; if normal, check whether there is voltage output (DC24V) at both ends of MA and MB of the DX terminal. If there is output, check whether the wing gate motor connection is desoldered; whether the motor is damaged;

wing gate

4) The indicator lights on the main board of the wing gate are not on, and the LED digital tube has no display:

5) Detection method: Detect the voltage output (AC12V) of PA and PB at the PX terminal; detect F1 (2A)

6) Whether the fuse is blown. If all the above are normal, the motherboard is judged to be damaged;

To sum up, if the gate does not move or respond after the wing gate opening signal, it is usually because the fuse is blown or the main board is damaged. Shenzhen Chuangxintong Technology is a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the electromechanical integration of intelligent access gates. It mainly provides tripod turnstiles, swing turnstiles, wing turnstiles, inline turnstiles, translational turnstiles, blocking turnstiles, turnstiles, and speed gates. Doors, access gates and other products of various styles and grades are available for users to choose from. Welcome to call us!
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