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Residential Entrance Stainless Steel Swing Turnstile
Residential Entrance Stainless Steel Swing Turnstile
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  • Combine with brushless motor for a longer lifespan
  • No-grade anti-crash that has a better effect of damage protection
  • Super Self-protection that can withstand the crash of bike or motorcycle
  • Advanced new ARM technology, which has better extensibility and perfect price/performance ratio
  • Merits for smooth running, speed adjustable and also low wear
  • Module design making the structure easier and simpler to maintain
  • Lane size can be adjusted and has the good anti-pinch performance to protect passengers
  • Turnstile gates will auto open when power off in case of fire hazard
  • Lane width: 1140mm
  • Application environment of the swing arm barrier gate: indoor/outdoor
  • Anti-trailing performance: middle
  • Anticollision performance: excellent
  • Passing type: pedestrian/non-motor vehicle, namely, vehicle barrier gate
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