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Full Height Turnstile Gates Become the Guarantee for Unattended Operation
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Full Height Turnstile Gates Become the Guarantee for Unattended Operation

Full height turnstile gates are mainly used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, prisons and other large public places where need security. Why are full height turnstile gates used so much in many important places? Because of the one person one gate operation mode of full height turnstile gates, the passage becomes more convenient.

Full height turnstile gates were originally developed by the the combination of tripod turnstiles and turnstile gates. There are different blocking heights, which can be divided into full height gates or half height gates. Nowadays, with the development of face recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and other recognition technologies, the one person one gate passage mode of full height turnstile gates has been trusted and respected by many people.

Full height turnstile gates adopt industrial grade design with high-end appearance. The barrier rod is composed of four to five metal rods. The hollow stainless steel pipe is firm and not easy to deform. The purpose of releasing and blocking is achieved by the rotating mode.

Customers who want to buy full height access control turnstile gate can choose one-way or two-way, electric or manual, double channel or single channel full height turnstile gates according to their own needs.

Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,Ltd. is a professional channel gate manufacturer who mainly provides wing gates, swing gates, tripod turnstiles and other gate products. In addition, there are ticketing systems and dedicated ticket gate machines for public places such as scenic spots and cinemas. Welcome to purchase.

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