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Advertising Door of Pedestrian Channel in Community
Advertising Door of Pedestrian Channel in Community
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Advertising Door of Pedestrian Channel in Community


  • According to the different width of the channel in the community, a retractable guardrail is specially set up, which can be passed by pedestrians, bicycles and battery cars in the community.

Product Parameters:

  • Model No.: EF-GGM04
  • Overall dimension: 1545mm × 450mm × 1705mm
  • Working voltage: 220V + 10% / 50Hz
  • Input voltage: DC24V
  • Operating ambient temperature: – 15 ℃ – 70 ℃
  • Input current: 5A
  • Door opening angle: 90 ° design standard
  • Advertising picture size: 1077mm × 750mm
  • Rated power: 25W
  • Magnetic lock bearing pressure: 180kg
  • Switching times: 1 million times
  • Card type: IC / ID
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • Communication interface: RS485 / TCPIP
  • Horizontal thrust: 150kg
  • Communication baud rate: 4800
  • Noise control: less than 50 dB

Product Features:

  • 1. The whole machine is controlled by servo (anti-collision) motor, which can reduce the speed at the moment of opening or closing in place, prevent excessive impact, and have excellent mute effect.
  • 2. Anti pinch people and anti pinch cars. Swipe the card to open the door when closing the door. The door will react quickly and pop open in the middle. There will be no inertia like other doors.
  • 3. All the doors are provided with safe voltage, which is directly connected to 24V power supply. Strong current and power supply are external and safe.
  • 4. Centripetal thrust cylindrical bearings are used for the connection between the gate seat, jacking shaft and motor, which can not only improve the rotation flexibility, but also bear large gravity, and maintain good concentricity.
  • 5. There are LED advertising light strips inside. The advertising is unpacked and installed in the box, and installed on the front and rear sides.


  • Advertising door controller
  • Desktop controller (optional)
  • Special hall limit
  • remote control
  • External receiver (with light sense)
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