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Speed Gate Fast Lane CXT-BT114c
Speed Gate Fast Lane CXT-BT114c
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  • Speed Gate Unique Features:

    • Ultra Strong Folding Wing Gate Technology
    • Fast & Stable Operation
    • Innovative and patented design both in appearance and inner structure
    • Step-less anti-collision tech for better effect of crashproof.
    • Superego protection algorithm system and mechanical design.
    • Merits for smooth running, speed adjustable and low wear.
    • Module structure design for easier maintenance and parts replacement.
    • Lane size can be set and has a good anti-pinch performance to protect passengers.
    • In addition to the function of standard swing turnstile, Luxury fast lanes still got merits for high-end artistic appearance, exquisite workmanship, faster passing speed
    • Increasing integration with various credential readers and destination control devices
    • Rising popularity of pedestrian sensors and sleep functions to reduce energy consumption
    • Use of pulsating lights for enhanced pedestrian guidance and aesthetics
    • System Integration
    • Integrate with access control system provided by customers, and built-in reader appointed by the customer.
    • Integrate with Visitor management system
    • Integrate with the ticketing system

    • Emergency measure: Arm drops when power off
    • Gate opening/closing time: 0.5s-2s (adjustable)
    • Passing speed: 35-45people/minute
    • Communication interface: RS232/Dry Contact

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