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Deluxe Servo Speed Gate CXT-BT118
Deluxe Servo Speed Gate CXT-BT118
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Description of Metro Fast Speed Gate:

Metro Circular Shape Speed Gate Technical Parameter:

  • Product Model: CXT-BT118
  • work-craft Processing: Apply with Laser, bend, weld, polish and etc.
  • Standard Dimension: L1800mm*W220mm*H1000mm
  • Weight: per different models
  • Arm length: 300mm(adjustable)
  • Lane Width: 650mm(adjustable)
  • Voltage: AC220±10V,50HZ (notify if you have special requirement)
  • Motor: Sevo motor
  • MCBF:12 million times
  • LED guider: High brightness traffic status indication (Arrow flashing when passing)
  • Working environment: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Suitable Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
  • Suitable humidity: 5%-90%
  • Emergency measure: Arm drops when power off
  • Gate opening/closing time: 0.5s-2s (adjustable)
  • Passing speed: 35-45people/minute
  • Communication interface: RS485/RS232

Speed Gates Packing Details:

  • CXT servo motorized speed gate turnstile, it is ideal for high-level places yet has mass throughout daily, like metro, station, airport etc.
  • High-Speed Turnstile gate is equipped with triple anti-pinch design: infrared anti-pinch, mechanical anti-pinch and barrier anti-pinch, CXT speed gates can effectively prevent illegal intrusion and tailgating pass.
  • Speedtype Turnstile adopts CXTO® Patent appearance and Stable & Strong Control Core. It can sensitively detect the behaviors that threaten the passageway safety, such as illegal intrusion, reverse passing, tailgating, and give out audible and visual alarms. Speedtype turnstile can be also linked with other security systems. More speed gates for sale.

Metro Circular Shape Speed Gate Unique Features:

  • Ultra Strong Folding Wing Gate Technology
  • Fast & Stable Operation
  • Innovative and patented design both in appearance and inner structure
  • Step-less anti-collision tech for better effect of crashproof.
  • Superego protection algorithm system and mechanical design.
  • Merits for smooth running, speed adjustable and low wear.
  • Module structure design for easier maintenance and parts replacement.
  • Lane size can be set and has a good anti-pinch performance to protect passengers.
  • In addition to the function of standard swing turnstile, Luxury fast lanes still got merits for high-end artistic appearance, exquisite workmanship, faster passing speed.

Metro Circular Shape Speed Gate Direction Indicator

  • The installation position of direction indicator can be adjusted
  • The pattern of direction indicator can be customized

Metro Circular Shape Speed Gate Dimension ,Material and Surface Finish

  • Stainless steel thickness of the cabinet: customized within 1.5-3.0mm
  • Lane width:900mm is at the maximum, but the lane depth may be changed accordingly.
  • Material of the cabinet:304/316 grade stainless steel
  • Material of the swing gate: Tempered glass/organic glass/polycarbonate,and color can be customized
  • Surface finish of the cabinet:satin finish/polishing/frosted finish/electroplating/backing finish.

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