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Box Tripod Turnstile CXT-SW120
Box Tripod Turnstile CXT-SW120

Box Tripod Turnstile CXT-SW120

Floor2, Building A5,
Guiyue Rd,Longhua District,
Shenzhen City,Guang Dong Province

Standard Box Tripod Turnstile Main Function

  • Solid performance and smooth running without noise and mechanical impact.
  • Wide integration and easy maintenance.
  • Bi-direction or one direction permitted one forbidden, or one direction charged, one for free, and all the working molds set by the buttons in the main control board.
  • Sparking Direction-guide lights in the turnstile to tell you whether the direction to go or not.
  • Standard Interface. work with ID / IC. UHF. Fingerprint Readers
  • The beam can be lifted and fall when power is cut-off.
  • Self-check and alarm for convenient to operate.
  • Supporting AI face access control,QR code access control, Fingerprint access control. RFID card control ,remote button and etc...
  • Ideal solution for heavy traffic indoor and outdoor site ,like Factories, School entrance.

Tripod Turnstile Package:

Tripod Turnstile Package

Why to use Pedestrian entrance control Turnstile gates?

Some of the factors driving the growth in the pedestrian entrance control systems market include rise of terror activities across the world. With increasing threats and rising vulnerability of various buildings and facilities, there has been growing investment towards ensuring physical safety. In addition, it has become crucial to deploy advanced security solutions to strengthen public confidence and ensure social harmony. Thereby, the overall pedestrian entrance control systems market is expected to grow due to increasing government and commercial budgets towards public safety during the forecast period.

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CXT Automatic Tripod Gates Comparing with Market products

Seq. Item name Market product CXT upgraded product
1 Rotation mode Manual push Electric power
2 Positioning principle Optical coupling point Motor self-position
3 Positioning mode Positioning arm Timely re-push, unlock
4 Transmission mode Magnetic valve Brush-less motor
5 Control Technology SCM ARM
6 Arm lock mode Manual Auto
7 Buffering None has
8 Anti-reverse None has
9 Noise Big none
10 Mechanical wear Big none
11 unauthorized mechanical alarm (infrared) None has
12 Passing indicator Data setting None has
13 Life-span 1-3Year Above 6 year
14 Flow capacity 25-30per./min. 30-45per./min.
15 Normal open when power off has has
16 Memory has has
17 Fire protection input has has
18 Feedback signal output has has

Standard  Box Tripod Turnstile Technical Parameter

  • Product Model: CXT-SW120
  • Housing material: Stainless steel 304
  • Housing processing work-craft: Adopt laser, bend, cut, weld, polish and etc.
  • Dimension: 1200 mm*280 mm*980 mm
  • Net Weight: about 40kg
  • Arm length/thickness: 510(mm)/¢38
  • Arm working drive power: 3kg
  • Motor: 24V /30W brush-less motor
  • Setting accuracy: 1/500 code
  • Suitable temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
  • Suitable humility: 5%—— 90%
  • Gate open gap: 0.2 S
  • Delayed reset time: 3S、5S、10S、20S adjustable
  • Transit speed: 30-45 person/minute
  • Working environment: Indoor and outdoor. IP65

Dimension, Material & Surface Treatment:

  • Appearance: Proper modifications can be made according to your project  requirements.
  • Material of the cabinet: 304 / 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel thickness of the cabinet: Optional range of 1.5~3.0mm.
  • Lane width may be changed accordingly.
  • Material of the swing gate: tempered glass / acrylic/ and color can be tailored.
  • Material of the flap gate:transparent acrylic glass/ soft silicon gel (red/blue color is optional)
  • Surface treatment of the cabinet: brushing/polishing / frosted finish / electroplating / baking finish.

System Integration:

Can be integrated with access control system, ticketing system, time attendance system, visitor system etc.
  • Built-in reader appointed by customers.
  • Integrate with face recognition system, fingerprint identification system, ID/IC card recognition system, passport identification system, QR code system, etc.

Direction Indicator:

  • The installation position of direction indicator can be adjusted.
  • The pattern of direction indicator can be customized.

Additional Functions:

  • Built-in or external counter
  • Equipped with TCP / IP communication
  • Audible and visual alarm function 

 For customization requirements not mentioned above, if any, please communicate with CXT sales team in detail.

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