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Full Height Turnstile VS Waist Height Turnstile in Entrance Control Solution?
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Full Height Turnstile VS Waist Height Turnstile in Entrance Control Solution?

We are always questioned what is the difference between Full Height Turnstile and Waist Height Turnstile ? Why shouldn't us choose cost-saving waist Height Turnstile gates but the higher cost Full Height Turnstile ? Today we will list out the Advantages of CXT fully auto Full Height Turnstiles for your better understanding.

Full automatic Full Height Turnstile Advantages:
1. The safety of the full-height turnstile is the highest among all the turnstile gates, and the entry and exit control is more strict.
2, Can be very effective to achieve a single people single pass, that is only one person at a time, safety and reliability are relatively high.
3, Strong waterproof and dust-proof, suitable for outdoor and indoor .

Full Height Turnstile Application:
CXT Stainless Steel Full-height turnstiles are suitable for applications where unattended and high security requirements are required, as well as for outdoor where the environment is harsh. For occasions with high requirements for access order, such as gymnasiums, prisons, banks,etc

Full Height Turnstile Features:

1) Full height turnstiles have fault self-test and alarm prompt function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;
2) Can be connected with any external control device and receive the relay signal/dry contact by button or remote control, fingerprint and etc.
3)With automatic reset function, when swipe card, the arm rotating 120 degrees / 90 degrees, then automatically reset (locked). Or when the people not passed within the specified time, the system will automatically cancel the user's permission for the passage and automatically close (locked), and the delay time is adjustable by 2S, 5S, 10S, 60S.
4)Anti-collision and buffer function: When illegally passing or intrusion, the gate will auto into the buffer protection mode, and send a alarm and blocking, realizing humanized anti-injury and equipment damage caused by frequent collision.
5) Anti-trailing function: turnstile arm rotate 90/120 degree and then automatically locks, avoiding the trailing.
6)The turnstile gate normal open when power is off, meet with fire protection needs
7) Alarm prompt function: When an illegal passage or a brake is issued, the door will auto send a alarm if the people illegal passing or intrusion.
8) Lighting indicator :High brightness passing and red arrow indicate the passing information.
9) One or bi-direction passing control are optional.
10) Realize remote control and management directly through the computer (customized)
11) Counting function Record the number of present, superposition to add, reverse to reduction function(customized)
CXT Latest Models of Full automatic Full Height Turnstile !

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