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Full Height Turnstile
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Full Height Turnstile

Door access control management is not limited to the inside of a building. Managing the flow of visitors in outside areas with high safety intelligent entry control can be achieved through CXT Full Height Turnstiles. However, our range also has a number of options that are suitable for indoor and outdoor.

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Full Height Turnstile Features:

  • Lane width: 600-800mm
  • Full automatic type
  • Smooth and silent running
  • Pass prompt, booster rotation(electric power steering, EPS)
  • Uni-direction and Bi-directional for optional
  • Buffering, anti-collision and anti-reverse function
  • Fault self-checking and warning, convenient for users to use and maintain
  • Application scenarios: Indoor/outdoor(any place where has strict entry control)
  • Anti-trailing performance: Excellent
  • Anti-collision: Excellent
  • Passing type: Pedestrian-only
  • Wide integration with visitor management system

Full-Height Turnstile Installation

The most reliable full-height turnstiles available. The High-Security Series units can be engineered to meet all yoursecurity and control requirements, and can be created as stand-alone units, or as part of an integrated system. Available in stainless steel (304 or 316), carbon steel with powder coating, or hotdipped galvanized finish. These units can be fitted for any application with leading edge technology and features.

CXT's smart full height automatic rotating gate combine with advanced Arm control system and leading technology version's brush-less motor control board with it's unique DFC tech which can improve it's life span,speed,noise,stability greatly.

CXT's smart full height turnstile is develop base on the tripod twister, and it's draw from the merit of tripod turnstile.It can classify as  hull height turnstiel and half height turnstile. Full height turnsitle is more popular in the market for it's high security.

The resistance [part are combine with 3 or 4 steel bar at horizontal it so call "cross" type or "Y" type full rotating gate. People can pass the gate by pushing the bar slightly.Then the electronic steering system will rotate the gate for passing.

Structure and working theory:

1. The mechanical part:
The rotating turnstile mechanical part is combine with two parts that is rack and core mechanism.
The rack case is the structure holding the core mechanism.Not just gear ,there is Motor ,transmission shaft, optocoupler and electromagnet in the core mechanism too.

2. The controlling part of the turnstile:
CXT's product is apply with high standard industry level control board,transformer,battery,relays and air switch etc.,

3. The system working theory:
1) Power up the turnstile and the gate will be in ready status in 2 second.The gate will be in fix status and can't rotate without authority.
2)When pressing the gate opening button manually,the control board of the turnstile will receiving the signal then the relays will pick-up and electromagnet pull the positioning rod for the gate's rotating for people passing.If nobody pass the gate in 10 seconds then the instruction will cancel.
3)If the power input is off,then the battery inside will supply the backup electric power for the control board for keep opening the gate in case of fire hazard.
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