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Which Access Control System Is More Suitable for the Elderly Group?
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Which Access Control System Is More Suitable for the Elderly Group?

1. Access control system are becoming more and more diversified

In the era of rapid development and iteration of science and technology, it has become normal in modern society to scan code for payment, brush face for access control, buy tickets by mobile phone and register with mobile phone. To be more precise, this is the normal life of young people, that is, young one can easily manage those but the old people are difficult to accomplish. Today, new technology has given access control system a variety of ways. Let’s see what kind of access control system is suitable for the elderly group.

2. The following are some access control system suitable for the elderly group

1) Brushing access card

Brushing access card is the most common and also popular way to open the door in the traditional access control systems for gates. Because of its simplicity, it is also the most favorite way for the elderly group. Although many old people often forget or lose their cards as they get older, they will eventually get used to checking to see if they have an access card before going out. But the security of this way needs to be improved.

2) NFC

With the popularity of the mobile Internet smart phone, mobile phone has become an indispensable communication device in life. Almost everyone must have a mobile phone or even a few spares, and so must the elderly. Mobile phone manufacturers are specially launching smart phones for the elderly. Mobile phone NFC function can simulate access control card, that is, brushing the mobile phone is equivalent to brushing the card, which is more suitable for the elderly group who have basic operation of the mobile phone.

3) Biological recognition

The access control system equipped with biometric technology extends to more ways, such as iris access control, face access control, palmprint access control and so on. As long as the corresponding characteristic information is entered in advance, you can open the door without carrying any media, which is the most suitable way for the elderly group. It is perfect for the elderly to brush the face for access control without any other medium and operation, but only the face.

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