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What Are the Advantages of the Face Recognition Access Compared with Others?
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What Are the Advantages of the Face Recognition Access Compared with Others?

1. Face recognition access control system is widely used

As the first line of security defense, entrance and exit access guard system plays an important role in it. With the progress of science and technology, the original swiping card access has extended more access control methods, such as qr code door access, iris access control, fingerprint access control and palmprint access control.

In many access control methods, face recognition access control system is one of the most popular ways, which also enjoys the highest scientific and technological content, giving people a high-end fashion, intelligent and convenient impression. Therefore, this kind of access control system in high-end office buildings, high-grade districts and other admission have been applied. So, what are the advantages of face recognition compared with others?

2. Here are some advantages of face recognition access control system compared with others

1) User experience

Face recognition access control system (such as face recognition turnstile system) has the uniqueness characteristic of other biometrics, that is, there is no need for any media assistance, such as mobile phone, swiping card, etc. The most intelligent and convenient is to free the hands without any operation, and of course, is not limited by age.

2) Technical point of view

Face recognition technology has developed to the mature stage. Now there are a lot of mature products out there with a wide range of applications, such as mobile payment, face recognition access, face recognition by elevator, monitoring and so on. With the assistance of 3D in vivo detection technology, the accuracy of face recognition is getting higher and higher. It is undeniable that the emergence of the face recognition access control system is really convenient for people. At the same time of enabling intelligent passage, it is constantly improving our lives towards a more intelligent environment.

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