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Six Features of Fingerprint Access Control System
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Six Features of Fingerprint Access Control System

As life becomes intelligent, there are more and more smart devices, such as fingerprint door locks in decoration, which are widely used in houses.

You may already know about RFID based door access control system, but how much do you know about the fingerprint access control system? Let's take a look at the six features of it.

1. Fingerprint recognition

The fingerprint access control system comes with a fingerprint recognition module, and it is highly efficient. As long as the fingerprint is recorded, you can easily unlock the lock with your own fingerprint, which is very convenient and safe.

2. Operating system and processor

The operating system used in the fingerprint access control system is Linux, and the processor is ARM, so the fingerprint access control system can be well protected.

3. Function of setting a password

In addition to the fingerprint recognition, a password can be set in the fingerprint access control system, and with the combination of password and fingerprint, the security of the door lock will be increased; the owner can also set a variety of authentication modes according to their own needs, which is very flexible.

4. Management software

A good management software can help our management work, and the fingerprint access control system includes such scientific management software, which can realize the scientific management of owners.

5. Hierarchical management

The fingerprint access control system also applies hierarchical management technology to hierarchically manage the fingerprints of different users/managers, which can easily identify fingerprints of different users.

6. Function of alarm monitoring

What you don't know is that besides the six features above, the fingerprint access control system also has the function of alarm monitoring, which undoubtedly further improves the security.

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