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The Requirements of Gate Access Control System in Rail Transit System
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The Requirements of Gate Access Control System in Rail Transit System

Due to the system structure, management mode, social influence and other factors of rail transit, there are some special functional requirements for gate access control systems besides the general access control system, alarm, e-card and other functions applied in buildings.

1. The gate access control system is required to be highly reliable

In addition to ensuring the high stability of the system in the hardware, design, installation and debugging links, it also requires the system to keep a long-time and reliable operation in the communication structure design, database structure design and other links.

2. The gate access control system can adapt to the complex network structure of rail transit system

In addition to the application of the gate access control system in the centralized command center, the rail transit system also needs to carry out a unified and decentralized management of far-flung sites. Therefore, the selected access control system should adapt to the different communication structures of each site, that is, to ensure the smooth, fast and safe communication at the same time.

3. The gate access control system can meet the multi-level management mode

Rail transit system is a huge urban public transport system with many staff and complex management classification. Management departments of different levels should not only have independent management authority, but also have mutual coordination and support. Therefore, the access control system is required to divide the authority of administrators according to departments and regions in detail, and to unify and coordinate the areas managed by the management department at a higher level.

4. Fast and accurate access authorization of gate access control system

The complicated user groups put forward high requirements for the operation level of the access control system administrators. The user-friendly operation interface and management mode can enable the system administrator to complete the allocation, modification and query statistics of channel authorization with the fastest speed, and can change the traffic level of the whole system quickly to deal with the occurrence of emergencies.

5. The openness of gate access control system

In the choice of the gate access control system for rail transit system, the gate access control system must be an open system with standard industrial control interface to facilitate the integration and data exchange with other systems. At the same time, these open interfaces need to be successfully applied to avoid problems such as interface version compatibility, resulting in unnecessary influence to the system integration work.

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