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The Settable Constant Temperature System Of Flap Barrier Gate Is Popular 1
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The Settable Constant Temperature System Of Flap Barrier Gate Is Popular 1

The settable constant temperature system of the flap barrier gate is popular with the public. Flap barrier gate, as one of the ideal management and dredging devices for pedestrians' high frequency access channels, which is favorable by many users.

The flap barrier gate is durable, safe and reliable. It can be customized to install constant temperature system inside the equipment when it is in low temperature environment. It provides free control software and development package protocol for human-machine interface interaction, which is convenient for controlling and debugging. It also has strong extensible ability. So it is very suitable for high security and unattended entertainment place.
1) The flap barrier gate has functions of self-test fault and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;
2) The flap barrier gate can operate the programmable device through the built-in small pad on the main control panel;
3) It also has mechanical structure and induction double anti-clamp function. When the telescopic boom is going to reset but affected by resistance, the electric machinery will automatically stop or stop working at the default time, and then reset it again after the default (until reset), and the strength is small (less than 2Kg);turnstile gate
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4) The sound and light alarm function: containing illegal entry and trailing alarm;
5) The erosion protection function of the flap barrier gate. When it doesn’t receive the signal, the swing arm will be automatically locked;
6) The synchronous function of the telescopic boom of the flap barrier gate;
7) With automatic reset function, after opening the gate, the system will automatically cancel the permission of the user when people do not pass in the prescribed time. The standard is to reset automatically after 5 seconds;
8) After the power failure, the channel will be automatically opened. When the power is on, channel will be automatically closed;
9) It can be linked to a variety of card reader devices. And it can receive relay switch signals;
10) The flap barrier gate can control personnel in and out of one or two directions;
11) The flap barrier gate can directly realize remote control and management through the computer.

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