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Safety of Tripod Security Gates of security access gates --Machine-Innovation Gate
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Safety of Tripod Security Gates of security access gates --Machine-Innovation Gate

The tripod security gates of pedestrian passage gate belong to the sub-industry of the security industry, which is one of the products of the entry and exit control industry. It is also called passage gate, three-stick gate or three-roll gate. The tripod security gates of pedestrian passage realizes the management of pedestrian access and effective control of pedestrian flow by integrating "access control system", "visitor system" and "ticketing system" which need authorization and verification, so as to satisfy the ability of safe area protection in application sites. The tripod security gates of pedestrian passage have the characteristics of safety, rapidity and beauty. Its application core is "one person at a time, effective anti-tail". To achieve the management of personnel access and enhance the ability of physical protection in security areas.

Caution is needed in the selection of tripod security gates in the forbidden passage of tripod security gates

The main difference of pedestrian passage tripod security gates is the material technology, motor drive and control system. There are many factors to be considered in product selection.

1. Personnel Safety: Highly Safe Personnel Passage Guarantee
The main purpose of this paper is to understand the mechanism of pedestrian passage products in such aspects as human movement track and behavior identification detection, anti-pinch mechanism of illegal entry personnel, emergency response handling in emergency situations and so on. These aspects are also the basis of ensuring the high safety of pedestrian passage products.

2. Security and Safety: High Level of Security and Prevention
The main purpose is to understand the mechanism of detecting, preventing and alarming illegal entrants by the tripod security gates in the pedestrian passage, so as to prevent the occurrence of personnel following. The function of tail detection includes two detection modes, one is tail entry detection, and the other is reverse entry detection.

3. Performance Safety: Reliable and Persistent Operating Capability
Mainly to understand the units of the pedestrian passage tripod security gates of motor technology, trouble-free operation time, personnel unit time through the rate, system maintainability and so on.

In terms of ensuring reliability, the first is the important door unit system. DC brushless servo drive technology is adopted in the gate unit driving motor of high-end pedestrian passage tripod security gates. At present, servo drive technology is the most advanced motor technology. Most products in the market use ordinary DC motors and the advantages of using brushless servo motors are fast operation, no mechanical loss, accurate positioning and smooth operation. The operation time of door unit using brushless DC servo drive technology is less than 0.8 seconds, which ensures a high pass rate of 60 people per minute of pedestrian passage. High-end pedestrian passage tripod security gates generally have trouble-free running time of no less than 3 million times.

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