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The Composition and Function of Office Access Control Systems
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The Composition and Function of Office Access Control Systems

Ⅰ. The composition of the office access control systems

The office access control systems consist of access control controllers, electronic locks, gateway devices, management systems, WeChat terminals and other parts. The system can use the data collected by the access control controller to realize digital management, standardize internal human resource management, improve the security protection capabilities of important departments and places, and effectively solve the cumbersome use of door locks and the inability to record information.

Ⅱ. The function of the office face recognition turnstile

1. Face access control is turned on

Through the combination of the access control intelligent management system, the functions of access control application, access control face verification and opening of the door are realized. The face recognition turnstile is linked to the intelligent electronic lock, and the face is placed in the green recognition frame. The device will collect the face and the registered face. The facial information is compared. After the identity is confirmed, the controller drives the corresponding electric lock to open the door, which can avoid the phenomenon of having to swipe the card to bring non-certified personnel into the office, thereby ensuring the property and personal safety of the office, which is effective to improve the privacy of the office.

2. Application of access control application

Managers can set door opening permissions through face recognition, and the gate access control system intelligently manages the office access control systems. Import the avatar picture of the office worker into the background for verification. After the verification is successful, you can freely enter and exit through face recognition.

3. Office information display

The face recognition gate can be used as an information display terminal to display information such as office name and current time.

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