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What Is The Importance Of Installing Pedestrian Barrier Gate In Office Buildings And Other Buildings
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What Is The Importance Of Installing Pedestrian Barrier Gate In Office Buildings And Other Buildings

With the continuous development of economy and technology, more and more office buildings and other buildings adopt the self-service management mode of pedestrian barrier gate instead of manual registration management. It maximizes the management level of office entrance and exit, and creates self-service and comfortable access experience. The safety pedestrian barrier gate of office buildings and other buildings can manage the internal staff and visitors. It is not only convenient but also can improve the management efficiency, and it is conducive to its establishment of data, visual management, building data integration construction. Why is pedestrian barrier gate installed at the entrances and exits of buildings and offices to record attendance modules?

1.The manual statistics of staff attendance is rather cumbersome. Combining with the customization of attendance gate, it can record the staff's work record quickly, which is convenient for attendance statistics to improve work efficiency.

2.The traffic of people in buildings and office buildings is huge, and the identity of personnel is complex. In addition to employees and customers of enterprises, there are often express delivery personnel, takeout personnel, strangers and so on. The traditional manual registration management is more difficult. It is prone to omissions and inaccurate identification of personnel. Installation of channel gates can identify the entry and exit personnel one by one. Compared with manual management, the accuracy is higher and the management is more rigorous.

3. Nowadays, in many places, the management of visitors is mostly based on the combination of on-site manual management and equipment management. This method combines the flexibility of manual management and the convenience of intelligent equipment, thus providing an orderly and civilized way of passage for entry and exit personnel. It completes the intelligent control and management of the passage. It greatly improves the work efficiency, and at the same time, it also strengthens the personnel access control and efficiency of users.

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