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How to Choose the Right Access Card Reader?
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How to Choose the Right Access Card Reader?

1. Choose ID card access card reader or IC card access card reader?

The read-only non-contact IC cards are commonly known as ID card access card readers, and the readable and writable non-contact IC cards are collectively called IC card access card readers. The cost performance and induction distance of ID card access card readers are better than those of IC card access card readers. If only used for access control and attendance or parking e-cards, it is recommended to use ID card access card readers. Only IC card access card readers can be adopted if it needs to be compatible with non-quota consumption e-card.

2. Do not judge the quality of access card reader solely from the appearance

Access card readers are mostly made of public molds. The molds are universal and available to everyone, so even if access card readers of the same appearance can be produced by different manufacturers, the service and quality vary greatly. Engineering providers must have a detailed understanding of the access card readers, and should not differentiate them only from the appearance and price. It is recommended that engineering providers buy the access card readers from the places where the access controllers are purchased, because general access controller manufacturers will support either the sales or production of the access card readers with similar quality standards. So, how to judge the quality of an access card reader?

Some access card readers use analog circuits instead of RF base station chips in order to pursue low production cost. It is not recommended to choose this kind of access card reader because it runs with large current, which is easy to crash or be damaged. It is suggested to choose the access card readers of RF base station chips for a better effect. In addition, access card reader is an equipment for long-time use, so the anti-crash circuit protection must be designed in the circuit.

3. Choose access card readers with or without sealing compound?

It is recommended to choose access card readers without sealing compound. The reason is that even if the sealing compound is used, the buzzer is still exposed outside, and the water will damage the access card reader. The material used in the sealing compound is resin. After a long time use, it will produce electrical conductivity to make the access card reader run chaotically or crash. In addition, sealing compound is not suitable for heat dissipation of the equipment, then the performance of the access card reader will also be affected. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use access card readers with sealing compound unless in special occasions.

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