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What Are The Conveniences Of Installing Pedestrian Barrier Gates In Scenic Spots? What Are The Main
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What Are The Conveniences Of Installing Pedestrian Barrier Gates In Scenic Spots? What Are The Main

The installation of pedestrian barrier gate is becoming more and more popular in scenic spots. First of all, it comes from the improvement of people's living standards. Tourism has become the main leisure way of people's daily life and it is the condiment of life. Especially, more tourists choose to travel on holidays. It is difficult to buy tickets. The inefficiency of manual ticket checking of scenic spots directly affects the development of scenic spots and experience of tourists. It is particularly important to solve the problem of ticket checking efficiency in scenic spots. Nowadays, many scenic spots adopt the pedestrian barrier gate to cooperate with the scenic spot ticketing system, which greatly improves the efficiency of the scenic spot ticket checking and makes it more convenient for tourists to enter the scenic spot.

Pedestrian barrier gate is the best choice in scenic spots. Three-roll brake and swing brake have slow speed and low safety factor. The characteristics of pedestrian barrier gate, which accumulate three rollers of gates and swing gates, keep the entrance of this scenic spot from accidental accidents.

Many advantages of installing pedestrian barrier gate in scenic spots:

1.From the safety point of view, there are elderly people and children in the tourist attractions. Pedestrian barrier gate can avoid accidents caused by the height of children and the slow walking of the elderly.

2.With such a huge flow pressure, the flexible wings of the winglets can make people pass quickly. It can quickly guide a large number of people flow, so that people quickly and smoothly enter the scenic area.

3.The appearance of the winglets is more in line with people's aesthetic view. The shock of the neat rows of winglets makes a deep impression on tourists.

4. Anti-tailing ability is strong. Wing gate can not only make people flow through quickly, but also has strong anti-tailing ability. When the phenomenon of tailing occurs, the system will automatically alarm.

Installation o pedestrian barrier gate in scenic spots can control the flow of people and traffic very well. The electronic statistical system is more convenient for the statistics of passenger flow on the day and it more convenient for the management of scenic spots to improve the efficiency of scenic spots. It is also more convenient and efficient for tourists to enter the scenic spots. It enhances the satisfaction of tourists to the scenic spots. Pedestrian barrier gate installation in scenic spots has become a mainstream mode, which combines the mode of interconnection to realize the mode of online ticket purchase and offline experience for tourists.

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