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The Access Control System is on the Way of Upgrading and Evolution
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The Access Control System is on the Way of Upgrading and Evolution

1. Access control systems are developing rapidly

As the necessary equipment of the major entrance and exit places, the access control system has been widely used in various fields. With the continuous development of society and the rapid progress of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to safety management and their safety awareness is constantly deepening. Therefore, the market demand of access control system still maintains the trend of continuous growth.

Thanks to the rapid development of industrial intelligence and digitalization, new technologies begin to blossom and get integrated into the gate access control system by continuous exploration, such as AI technology, big data and cloud computing. As a result, the access control system has never stopped on the road of upgrading and evolution.

2. The access control system is on the road of upgrading and evolution

1) Intelligent integration

In addition to the traditional entrance and exit management function, the current access control system also integrates a variety of systems, such as video monitoring, elevator control system, burglar alarm, fire alarm and perimeter precaution. It gradually develops from a single function to a complete set of entrance and exit management system, entering more application scenarios and widely used in office buildings, infrastructures, airports and subways, bank finance and other fields.

2) Flexible business expansion

In order to adapt to the growing business needs, most access control manufacturers will consider expansion, which means it can easily expand from a single site to multi-regional solution. As a result, there will be no limit to the number of managed users or sites, and users can flexibly expand according to the actual business needs.

3) Seamless platform integration

Most of the access control system in the market support integration methods such as SDK, which can not only intuitively view the operation and management of system status and alarm events on the same interface, but also through the preset program, realize the integration and linkage between the major subsystems, such as entrance guard linkage video, intrusion alarm linkage to lock the door, fire alarm linkage function of opening the door and so on, to provide active or passive emergency response capability and prevention ability.

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