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2023 CXT's new anti-tailgating series turnstiles will be released in autumn!

2023 Xinxintong's new anti-tailgating series turnstiles will be released in autumn!

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CXT "Precision Anti-Tailgating" Speed Gate"

Swing gate, tripod turnstile, speed gate, turnstile, sliding gate, one-word gate, face recognition,

1. New product description: swing gate, tripod turnstile, speed gate, turnstile, sliding gate, one-word gate, face recognition,

Chuangxintong brushless servo speed gate is another new high-tech channel product carefully developed for pedestrian channel management in high-end places (especially airports, customs, stations, etc.). This product adopts a new ARM control system and unique Advanced DFC control technology, scientific mechanical transmission, unique logical judgment design, and intelligent and precise transmission technology of brushless servo motors are suitable for passing people, disabled vehicles, towing luggage, accidental entry, tailgating, retrograde driving, and climbing. Such phenomena can be accurately judged and effectively prevented and controlled.

2. Brief description of functions

l It has fault self-checking and alarm prompt functions to facilitate user maintenance and use.

l It can be externally connected to the control signal or button or remote control output by any control device to achieve single and bidirectional control access.

l Automatic reset function: every time it swings 90 degrees and detects the passage of people and objects, it will automatically reset, or if there is no passage within the specified time (the delay is adjustable in multiple gears), the system will automatically cancel the permission for this passage and Return to initial position.

l Light indication: High-brightness traffic light status indication to guide traffic.

l Anti-tailing and anti-climbing functions:

1. When there are 2 or more people standing in the channel, the red indicator light of the channel will light up and flash, and a buzzer or voice alarm will sound at the same time, and the gate will be locked and will not open at this time. When there is only one person in the channel, the gate automatically switches to normal mode, the green light turns on, and the gate opening signal can be received normally.

2. When people and objects in front are passing through (not completely passed), if someone follows and breaks in from behind, the turnstile will immediately activate a buzzer or voice alarm prompt.

3. When someone forcibly breaks into the passage and climbs, the gate will immediately start a buzzer or voice alarm and lock the gate.

Swing gate, tripod turnstile, speed gate, turnstile, sliding gate, one-word gate, face recognition,

l Fire input: Can be connected with fire alarm signal to realize uninterruptible power supply.

l Multiple alarm prompt functions: When someone passes illegally or rushes through the gate, goes in the wrong direction, follows, climbs over, or stays for timeout, etc., the gate will immediately activate a buzzer or voice alarm prompt (buzzer alarm is standard).

l The gate opening and closing speed is adjustable: the opening and closing speed of the swing arm is intelligently adjustable, and users can set it according to actual needs.

l Automatic protection function: When external force prevents the normal movement of the swing arm, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect and automatically protect and enter the sleep state. The gate will automatically return to normal when the next legal signal is input.

l Anti-collision buffering function: When illegally passing or rushing through the gate, the gate rod buffers and blocks (or locks) at the corresponding angle, and at the same time starts the alarm, which not only realizes humanized injury prevention, but also greatly reduces the mechanical damage caused by frequent collisions.

l Anti-pinch function: When there are people or objects in the passage, the gate will activate the safety anti-pinch function to ensure the safety of passing personnel.

l Fire safety: When the power is cut off, the swing arm automatically opens normally and automatically resets and locks when the power is turned on (blocking traffic).

3. Technical parameters

◇ Shell material: SUS304 high-quality stainless steel, thickness 1.5-2.0mm (according to location).

◇ Shell processing technology: produced using laser, bending, gouging, cutting, welding, polishing, grinding and other processes.

◇ Specifications and dimensions: L1800*H950*W120MM.

◇ Weight: about 60KG for single movement and about 80KG for double movement.

◇ Channel width: 600mm-1000mm.

◇ Gate opening and closing speed: adjustable from 0.5-2S.

◇ Motor: 24V/30W brushless servo.

◇ Adaptable temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃ (below -15℃, consider adding a temperature control system).

◇ Adaptable humidity: 5% - 90%.

◇ Delayed reset time: adjustable (10 seconds standard).

◇Normal traffic speed: about 25-35 people/minute.

◇Working environment: indoors.
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