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High-end Channel Gate Manufacturer CXT Specially Launched Fastlane Speed Gates
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High-end Channel Gate Manufacturer CXT Specially Launched Fastlane Speed Gates

For high-end places such as enterprises, office buildings and airports, Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,Ltd. has specially launched a number of fastlane speed gates to meet the demand of high-end market.

The functional characteristics of CXT fastlane speed gates are as follows:

1. Brushless servo motor.

2. With the ARM + DFC transmission technology, the transmission life can be up to 10 million times.

3. The motor is equipped with precise positioning.

4. They can be connected with a variety of card reading devices to receive relay switching signals.

5. External switch button or remote control can be connected to realize one-way or two-way control access.

6. They have the function of automatic reset. After the swing arm is opened, it will close automatically after a certain delay (adjustable time delay of 3s, 5s, 10s and 60s).

7. Mechanical anti-pinch: This function mainly depends on the reasonable mechanical design of the gate to realize the mechanical anti-pinch. When the human body or object obstructs the operation of the swing arm, the system will automatically detect it and stop the operation. The swing force of the swing arm is small and will not hurt people or objects.

8. They have the strict anti-pinch function and reasonable logical judgment function.

9. Humanized self-protection.

10. The switching speed is adjustable from 0.4 to 2 seconds: the speed can be divided into 16 gears, and the opening and closing speed can be adjusted freely according to the requirements.

11. Normally open and normally closed are adjustable: the normally open and normally closed mode can be easily switched through external button or remote control.

12. The swing arm is normally open after power failure. After power failure, the system will automatically make the swing arm still in the open state. The opening direction of the swing arm can be adjusted, and it can automatically reset after being electrified without the need for personnel on duty.

13. High brightness indicator light: It still can be clearly visible in the daytime or under sunlight.

14. Humanized passage indication: The indication light is not on at ordinary times. When someone passes legally, the green arrow will flash, and it will go out automatically after the person passes the turnstile barrier gate.

15. The sound and light alarm functions including illegal intrusion alarm, trailing alarm, anti-pinch alarm, etc.

16. The swing arm can be adjusted synchronously (for double swing doors).

17. The fire signal can be input and connected with the fire alarm signal.

Based on the market demand, Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,Ltd unites in concerted efforts and makes progress hand in hand with customers relying on strong technical force and rich market experience. Chuang Xin Tong has gradually formed a product field with its own characteristics, and has won the recognition and trust of the majority of users with excellent product quality, superior cost performance and perfect service. Welcome to negotiate and cooperate with us.

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