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Functions and Descriptions of Access Control Systems
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Functions and Descriptions of Access Control Systems

I. The basic functions of access control systems are as follows:

1. Equipment management

Search and manage access control devices; search and manage search gate equipment.

2. Role management

The role is a generic term for a group of people who have the same authority.

3. Staff management

Input department and employee information, or batch import information. Issue cards to employees and synchronize the card authority information to the controller.

4. Card management

Input all card information into the system before the system is used. Set the corresponding card type. Card types include employee cards, temporary visitor cards and permanent visitor cards.

5. Swiping record inquiry

Inquire the in-and-out swiping records of personnel.

II. Common extended functions of access control systems

1. Attendance

The in-and-out swiping data can be used as the data source of attendance systems.

2. Management of foreign personnel (appointment visit and visit registration)

Visitors need to make an appointment in advance. The information of the visitor and the visited person should be input into the system when making an appointment. Then submit the information to the relevant personnel for approval, and the appointment will take effect after the approval.

When the customer with an effective appointment comes, the turnstile gate systems can select the customer through the registration machine and verify the certificate of the customer, then the visit registration is successful. An IC card can be issued to the customer according to the actual situation. If there is an ID card issuer, the ID card can be issued directly as an IC card (the customer can use his/her ID card on the verification machine or access control system).

When a direct visiting customer comes, the visit registration can be completed by swiping the ID card on the registration machine to automatically input the identity information and verify the authenticity of the certificate.

3. Automatic departure registration

When the management host enables the real-time collection or access verification interface, the system can be configured to the read head for departure to automatically realize the visitor departure registration.

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