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Face Recognition Attendance Machine Records the Enterprise Attendance Process
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Face Recognition Attendance Machine Records the Enterprise Attendance Process

Ⅰ. Introduction to face recognition attendance machine

With the rapid development of high technology, human characteristics analysis technology has been used as the latest value-added point and application point in the field of rapid identification and video surveillance, and has played a huge role in identity identification, intelligent security, intelligent monitoring, access management, card authentication and other aspects.

Face recognition usually involves a series of steps, including capture, analysis and comparison. It analyzes and compares your facial information with the existing data stored in the database, and uses the resulting data from the comparison to achieve a specific functional effect. Face recognition attendance machine is one of the most widely used functions.

Ⅱ. How face recognition attendance machine records enterprise attendance?

1. After the installation of the gate, build a facial recognition service platform in the machine room of the unit management center to store the facial information database data of the unit staff, accept the portrait photos sent by the front end collection points for verification, conduct facial search and comparison, and return the results to the front end;

2. Set up network facial attendance devices at the front-end unit attendance point and at the entrances and exits of the employee channels;

3. The facial recognition attendance system provides the verification interface of facial recognition verification to the unit system, so that it can be used seamlessly with the above system.

When each branch or department of the unit opens the service of facial recognition authentication, the system directly accesses the interface of the portrait identification service platform in the management center to collect and maintain customers' facial information or verify the portrait identification.

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