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Convenience and Application Advantage of ​Swing Barrier Gate in Communtity
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Convenience and Application Advantage of ​Swing Barrier Gate in Communtity

In recent years, more and more communities have installed swing barrier gates to realize the diversion management of the flow of people and vehicles. As a pedestrian passage management device, the main function of the swing barrier gate is to screen owners and visitors, control the entry and exit of personnel, and perform visitor registration and identity verification for visitors. Swing barrier gates play an irreplaceable role in the management of pedestrian access.

Ⅰ. What convenience can community swing barrier gates provide to property and community residents?

Pedestrian access gates are used in a variety of fields. When the swing barrier gate is applied to the personnel channel, it can through face recognition, IC and ID swipe card, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, and other ways to set personnel access permissions and realize the management of personnel access.

With the rapid development of urbanization and information management, more and more migrants are in big cities. And the safety requirements for transportation, travel, work, games, entertainment, and other places are getting higher and higher. Especially the entry and exit issues, which are closely related to personnel, the standard management of areas with a large flow of people is complex, low efficiency, high cost of manual control, and extensive data collection.

The common community swing barrier gate is pedestrian passage wing gate, pedestrian channel swing gate, quick pass door of pedestrian passage. Generally, the communities are willing to choose pedestrian passage wing gate and pedestrian channel swing gate, which are affordable, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The access methods can swipe your card, swipe your face, or swipe your ID card. It can achieve targeted security management.

We can choose a community swing barrier gate according to the implementation environment of the community. For example, when the flow of people in the community is not too large and the safety requirements are high, we can choose the full height turnstiles. If speed is required, a pedestrian passage wing gate can be used. Therefore, we can combine with the actual situation of the community and the advantages of various types of pedestrian gates to choose a community swing barrier gate.

Ⅱ. The advantages of applying the swing barrier gate in a community

The advantages of community swing barrier gate are fast speed, quick response, orderly passage, diversified passage, complete equipment, beautiful appearance, elegant atmosphere.

As the equipment to control personnel in and out, it can improve the security capability of the community. To a certain extent, it can reduce the total number of property management personnel and the total number of security personnel patrolling the neighborhood and reduce the actual operating cost of artificial services.

It can manage residents in and out of the community reasonably by applet and check identity by fingerprint recognition and face recognition to avoid outside personnel, unidentified personnel in and out of the community.

It can avoid theft, robbery, and other violations of community discipline and avoid people sneaking into the community when security guard patrol in neutral. In addition, the community swing barrier gate is anti-tailing. The strict single-person pass standard ensured the security of resident access. In recent years, with the increase of population, the range of activities reduced.

The community has become an ideal place for food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, and the need for safety comes first. A safe living environment can improve the comfort of the residents. And the application of the community swing barrier gate in the community can improve the community's image and enhance the competitiveness of the residential property.

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