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A Qualified Access Control System Should Have These Four Points
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A Qualified Access Control System Should Have These Four Points

As a security engineering company, have you provided users with a qualified access control system? Can it be accepted smoothly? Is the quality of the product neglected in order to obtain the maximum economic benefit? Take a look at the following 4 points if your access control system can do it, CXT hope it can give you some enlightenment.

1. Is the gate access control system stable and reliable?

The purpose of the gate access control system is to ensure safety and prevent criminal activities by criminals, so the system has extremely high reliability. Therefore, the access control security system must implement reliability design (redundant design) and reliability management at all stages of design, construction, and use to ensure the high reliability of products and systems. In addition, in the system design, equipment selection, debugging, installation and other links, the relevant national or industry standards are strictly implemented, as well as the requirements for safety technology prevention. Products must pass multiple certifications and have many typical users with years of normal operation.

2. Is the gate access control system scalable?

The access control system should choose an open hardware platform with a variety of communication methods to lay a good foundation for the interconnection and integration of various devices. In addition, the system should have standardized and modular components, which has high flexibility and scalability, such as a QR code access control system. 

3. Is the gate access control system itself safe?

The access control system is used to protect the safety of people and property, so the system itself must be safe. The high security mentioned here, on the one hand, refers to the natural or quasi-natural attributes of the product or system. The safety of the equipment and system operation and the safety of the operator should be guaranteed. For example, the equipment and the system itself should be able to prevent high temperatures, low temperatures, and Heat, smoke, mold, rain, and can prevent radiation, electromagnetic interference (electromagnetic compatibility), impact, collision, fall, etc. The operation safety of equipment and systems also includes fire protection, lightning protection, explosion protection, shock protection, etc.

4. Is the gate access control system complete?

With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for all aspects of the access control system, the application range of the access control system is becoming more and more extensive. People's application of the access control system is not limited to a single entrance and exit control, and it is required not only to be applied to the access control, attendance management, security alarm, parking lot control, elevator control, building automation, etc. of smart buildings or smart communities, but also multiple control functions such as linkage control with other systems.

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