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Special Industry/ Prison/ Banks
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Special Industry/ Prison/ Banks

Requirements:Aim to strictly manage entry and exit channels of visitors and prisoners.

Solution:  Adopt CXT specialized system to implement comprehensive channel interlock, multiple authentication mode and largely enhance security.

Recommended models:Full height Turnstile, Sliding Turnstil

Prison, in broad sense, refers to the place where all prisoners are held. The narrow sense is a state organ site for the education, transformation and punishment of the anti drunk elements. Under this definition, safety and stability are called the primary task of prison operation. Therefore, the prison gate is the main product of its comprehensive safety precaution system.

Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,ltd. has launched the prison gate -- the full height turnstile system

Prison gate -- design scheme and characteristic of full height turnstile system

1. It is fully consistent with prison management habits, and cites  the concept of calling prisoners in after letting them out for exercise, letting prisoners out for exercise and martial law.
2. The key area can use dual controller hot backup scheme to ensure the absolute safety and reliability of the system.
3. Automatic deployment and withdrawal, various alarm levels to ensure the safety of the system.
4. Super strong anti-jamming. The reader can be protected by metal shell, which is consistent with the prison's high safety environment needs.
5. Large capacity, fast response, response time is less than 0.2 seconds.