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How to correctly install a tripod turnstile-Xinxintong
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How to correctly install a tripod turnstile-Xinxintong

In order to better utilize the advantages of the tripod turnstile and bring more convenience to our customers, please follow the following precautions when installing the tripod turnstile:

  one. Preparations before installing the three-roller gate:

1) Without permission, please do not add peripheral equipment to the tripod turnstile equipment and ensure that the equipment is grounded reliably to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment;

2) When the tripod turnstile equipment is used outdoors, a cement installation platform with a height of 100mm to 200mm should be built at the equipment installation site to prevent moisture; at the same time, rainproof facilities such as awnings should be installed above the equipment. It is recommended not to directly Place the equipment for use in an open-air environment;

3) When installing the three-roller turnstile, please open the chassis cover first, connect the ~220V power supply, and connect it to the ground reliably. After everything is ready, close the air switch. At this time, the main board of the turnstile is L5. The L6 light is on, the mainboard number tube displays "RUN", the gate lever is raised, and the gate is in working condition.

4) When the tripod turnstile is connected to an external control system (access control, fingerprint, etc.), please determine what kind of signal the controller outputs (dry contact, active output, etc.). For the dry contact output, just connect the two wires to the gate respectively. OPEN-L, OPEN-R and VDD can be connected. The tripod turnstile is determined according to customer requirements; for active output, first determine the "+" and "-" of the output signal, and connect one end of "+" to OPEN-L Or on OPEN-R, "--" is connected to the "GND" of the motherboard (voltage range: between 5V~12V).

  two. When using the tripod turnstile, please regulate your behavior. The specific methods are as follows:

1. Please swipe your card outside the yellow line. You can only enter when the three-roller gate is opened in place and there is a direction indicator arrow to prompt passage. During walking, please do not stay in the passage or go back and forth. This greatly improves the efficiency of the passage. channel flow.

2. During the passage, please do not follow into the three-roller turnstile channel, and do not squeeze the lever to swipe the card, so as to avoid the gate not opening when the card is swiped.

3. When you see that the three-roller gate is fully open, please don’t forget to swipe your card (for the delayed closing function), and ensure that one card per person is required.

4. Please do not artificially damage the tripod turnstile (artificial damage is not covered by the warranty). Please refer to the attachment for details

5. During use, if you find any abnormality, please cut off the power in time and contact our after-sales service. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

6. The tripod turnstile undergoes regular maintenance work, cleaning the dust inside and outside the chassis, adding lubricating oil to the mechanical connection parts, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.