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Temperature Measuring AI Face Recognition Terminal
Temperature Measuring AI Face Recognition Terminal
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Temperature Measuring AI Face Recognition Terminal

Product Model CXT-TF017


CXT Temperature Measuring AI Face Terminal with high-precision infrared temperature detection and perfectly
Integrates intelligent face recognition to form the efficient and secured entrance control management, to realize non-contact rapid detection, registration, and recording of human body temperature,which are widely used in office areas, hotels, aisles, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services and management projects place.

Main Functions:

  • Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition while brushing the face, fast and efficient;
  • Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃)
  • Automatically identify unmasked personnel and provide real-time warning;
  • Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time early warning of high temperature;
  • Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol docking;
  • Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information;
  • Support binocular live detection
  • Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time <500ms
  • Support human motion tracking exposure in strong backlight environment, support machine vision optical dynamics ≥80dB;
  • Adopt Linux operating system for better system stability
  • Various interface protocols, support SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as
  • Windows / Linux
  • 7-inch IPS HD display
  • IP34 rated dust and water resistant
  • MTBF> 50000 H
  • Support 22400 face comparison library and 100,000 face recognition records
  • Support one Wiegand input and one Wiegand output
  • Supports fog through, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, and multiple white balance modes, suitable for various scene needs
  • Support electronic voice broadcast (normal human body temperature or super high alarm, face recognition verification results)

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