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Working Principle and Functional Characteristics of Full Height Turnstile Gates
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Working Principle and Functional Characteristics of Full Height Turnstile Gates

In all the products of pedestrian passage gate, full height turnstile gates are very popular with customers. In personnel guidance, personnel access management, it is also a very strict product. However, in many cases, our customers and friends have a lot of ignorance about the full height turnstile gates in pedestrian passage gates. Therefore, today, in view of these problems, the following are explained.

Working principle of full height turnstile gates:

1) Turn on the power supply, and the system will work in 3 seconds.

2) When the card reader reads the valid card, the humming device will make a pleasant sound, prompting the pedestrians to read the card successfully; at the same time, the information read from the card is judged and processed, and the application for approval signal is sent to the main control board.

3) The main control board receives the card reader, and after comprehensive treatment, it sends out effective control signals to the motor to make the motor run. The limit switch controls the motor rotation angle, and the gate opens (when the motor is normally open, the motor does not act), allowing pedestrians to pass through.

Functions and characteristics of full height turnstile gates:

1. It has the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

2. Mechanical reset function: mechanical reset function is used to prevent electrical failure from causing personal injury.

3. The electromagnet drive is more reliable.

4. Opening function of power off: After power off, the brake rod is automatically unlocked, which makes it convenient to evacuate people in a free mode.

5. Anti-scour function. The telescopic arm locks automatically when no open signal is received.

6. Anti-rotation function. The brake rod rotates at a certain angle. The strong reverse rotating brake rod will be regarded as retrograde and the system will lock automatically.

7.The remote control and management can be realized directly through the management computer.

Place of application of full height turnstile gates

Transportation stations: high-speed railway station, subway station, airport, wharf, railway station, bus station, ferry.

Office space: prisons, government organs, business buildings, detention centers, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers.

Scientific and educational units: libraries, colleges and universities, research institutes and kindergartens.

Full height turnstile gates, also known as switching gate, can be applied to all building environments, and can solve all control problems of pedestrian access passage. It can control whether the switch is locked or unlocked at any time, up to 20 signal interfaces, so as to facilitate user expansion.
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