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Which Type of Gate is More Suitable For Office Entrance and Exit Management?
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Which Type of Gate is More Suitable For Office Entrance and Exit Management?

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the types and functions of gates are diversified. Face recognition gate is pedestrian channel management equipment used in many occasions. In addition to the basic functions of blocking, anti-tailing and anti-clamping, there are other functions that need to be customized according to the actual situation. According to different usage occasions, different pedestrian passage gates are customized to assist in the management of charging, access control and ticket checking, such as card switching, code sweeping, fingerprint gates, certification gates, and face recognition gates and so on. Which type of gate is more suitable for high-end office entrance and exit management?

Many enterprises are often stationed in office buildings, with complex personnel status, large flow of people, frequent entry and exit, and the difficulties of building management are extremely great. But the difficulty is greatly reduced by using the gate to manage the entrance and exit, and the gate can integrate entrance guard, attendance, visitors, strangers and other management systems to form an integrated management. This self-service management mode of gate instead of manual management has been widely used in buildings, which improves the management level of buildings and makes the office environment safer and more convenient. The most commonly used ones are speed swing and translation. First of all, these two gates are easy to meet the high-end atmospheric needs of office buildings from the appearance, and are also the first choice of indoor gates. Secondly, these two gates can also meet the needs very well in the function.

Innovation Tong, aiming at the needs of office channel, designed and developed mould quick-through swing brake, which can better meet the needs of office building. Office mould turnstile swing solutions can identify the people in and out one by one. Compared with general gate management, this mould turnstile solutions has higher accuracy and more strict management.

What are the advantages of the special mould turnstile solutions for office buildings developed by Innovation Tong?

1. Mould turnstile solutions machine has advanced ARM core technology, which can accurately identify traffic behavior.
The gate should also prevent illegal traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians. In order to meet the above requirements, we innovatively adopt matrix photoelectric stereo detection technology and unique current detection technology, cooperating with CMOLO patented traffic detection algorithm, and achieve infrared and mechanical and current multiple anti-pinch effect. It can not only effectively identify traffic objects, sensitively detect illegal intrusion, trailing and other threats to channel security, but also prevent illegal traffic personnel, and prevent gate pinch injury or hit a pedestrian.

2. Mould turnstile solutions can integrate various systems to form an integrated and data-based management.

The entrance and exit gate system can integrate staff attendance system, access control system, visitor system and so on to form a data management platform. It effectively distinguishes the management of internal staff from that of external staff, and records the attendance of staff and visitors' visiting information, and makes the management of office entrance and exit more simple and convenient.

3. Mould turnstile solutions need diversification to meet different management needs.

Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, Card Swipe Recognition, Authentication Recognition and so on.
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