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What are the Advantages of Swing Barrier Gate?
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What are the Advantages of Swing Barrier Gate?

Advantage one of swing barrier gate : stable performance.

For this complex industrial product, stability is very important, which is also the customer's point of great attention. In the use of high traffic, a brake that cannot stabilize the failure cannot only quickly detect the crowd, but also reflect the image and management ability of the use of the occasion.

Advantage two of swing barrier gate : strong customization ability

The product requirements of each project are different, and the standardized swing barrier gate products usually cannot meet the diversified project requirements of customers. Especially large-scale gate project. People flow, indoor and outdoor, temperature, environment, crowd characteristics, installation site characteristics, bicycle wheelchair and other types of "vehicle" use, users may cause damage to the brake, etc., are factors to be considered when formulating the brake solution. The customization characteristic of the gate determines that the gate company must have strong customization ability to meet the complex and changeable customization requirements in the market.

Advantage three of swing barrier gate : high security.

The swing barrier gate is placed in a place where people are constantly traveling. Safety is the first element. So the anti-pinch requirement of swing barrier gate is very high. In order to ensure the personal safety of users, we use infrared anti-clip + mechanical anti-clip + current detection anti-collision triple anti-clip technology. The application of this technology on the gate protects the user's traffic safety in an all-around way and avoids the risk of "clipping" the user to the utmost extent.

Advantage four of swing barrier gate : Fashionable appearance

This is an era of "fighting for beauty".
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