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Guiyue Rd,Longhua District,
Shenzhen City,Guang Dong Province


  • Mobile QR code Accessing Tripod TurnstileMobile QR code Accessing Tripod TurnstileDecember 20, 2019Multiple accessing Deluxe Tripod Turnstile Fully automatic with longer lifespan Anti collision and anti buffer Supporting multi accessing modeview
  • Motorized Full Height TurnstileMotorized Full Height TurnstileDecember 20, 2019Motorized Full Height Turnstile Superior quality,Solid performance, Motor drive with MCBF 8 million times 14 yrs professional turnstile factory in Chinaview
  • Die Casting Speed GateDie Casting Speed GateDecember 20, 2019CXT Patented Die Casting Speed Gate Professional Turnstile factory in China with independent R&D capabilityview
  • Deluxe Type Flap Barrier Gate YW160Deluxe Type Flap Barrier Gate YW160May 18, 2019Access Control Deluxe Type Flap Barrier Gate with Transparent Glass wing1.Fast Speed gate open and close time 0.3s2.High grade brushed Stainless Steel cabinet3.Thickness of full 1.5 mm 3.Unique Mechan...view
  • 2019 New Design Single Barrier Swinging Speed Gate2019 New Design Single Barrier Swinging Speed GateApril 27, 20192019 New Design Single Barrier Swinging Speed Gate 1. 1 unit for 1 lane , Lower the project cost 2. Compact and Slim Cabinet to meet site size 3. Durable and Collision resistance Mechanism 4.Wide integration and expand abilityview
  • CXT 2018 New Die Casting Speed GateCXT 2018 New Die Casting Speed GateAugust 30, 2018Patented Molding type Turnstiles Pioneer of China Molding Turnstile technologyFavorable Factory PriceShort Delivery timeStandard Assembly with easy maintenanceview
  • New Arrival Die Casting Mold High Speed Gate TurnstileNew Arrival Die Casting Mold High Speed Gate TurnstileJune 28, 2018Cutting-edge Die casting Speed gates ---Ideal solution for Turnstile distributor and integrator with big project.Die Casting with standard workcraftShort Delivery Favorable Distribution PriceWorldwid...view
  • Durable Anti Collision Electronic Swing Barrier GateDurable Anti Collision Electronic Swing Barrier GateJune 22, 2018CXT Turnstile Factory Demonstration Video on Superior quality Anti Collision Full automatic Swing Barrier Gate Wide lane Pedestrian and non-motor Vehicle gateway durable Swing Barrier Gateview
  • Full Automatic Tripod Turnstile Demonstration VideoFull Automatic Tripod Turnstile Demonstration VideoJune 22, 2018Core Features of CXT Full automatic Tripod Turnstile :1.Adopt Brush-less motor,merits for longer lifespan.2.Adopt ARM control technology, merits for stronger function and better expand-ability.3.Modul...view
  • Glass Leaf Flap Barrier GateGlass Leaf Flap Barrier GateJune 15, 2018The CXT Glass Leaf Flap Turnstile, is the ultimate in preventing access into your site, it provides high security coupled with a very visible deterrent and can be installed in a variety of different ...view
  • Sliding TurnstileSliding TurnstileJune 15, 2018view
  • Slim High Speed GateSlim High Speed GateJune 15, 2018Slim High Speed Gate Fast Lane Demonstration VideoDesign concept of Slim High Speed Gate BT114Elegant appearance we prefer transparent tempered glass to steel housing High speed passing flow Patented ...view
  • Face Recognition Swing Barrier GateFace Recognition Swing Barrier GateJune 15, 2018Swing Barrier Gate is ideal choice for Office Building,Stadium,Fitness,Clubs to form a efficient and pleasant accessing experience for the passengers.view
  • Bi-directional Full Automatic Tripod TurnstileBi-directional Full Automatic Tripod TurnstileJune 15, 2018Bi-directional Full Automatic Tripod Turnstile Features:1.Double movement with dual passing lanes2.Patented inner core structure with high quality DC brush-less motor3.Barrier auto raising and re-set ...view
  • Waist Height TurnstileWaist Height TurnstileJune 14, 2018view
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    Guiyue Rd,Longhua District,
    Shenzhen City,Guang Dong Province