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Tips to select Access Control Wing Turnstile Gate properly
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Tips to select Access Control Wing Turnstile Gate properly

With the wide application of Intelligent Access Control Wing Turnstiles, various types of Flap Barrier Wing Gates are emerging in the market, also the Price of Wing Turnstiles also with big difference, which makes it easy for consumers to enter the purchase error.
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CXT Brushless Wing Turnsitles with QR code Scanner+ID Recognition for University
When purchasing a Flap Gate, CXT suggest you to pay attention to some basic characteristics,What do you need to focus? Here CXT team list 4 suggestions for your reference!

Quality is the only standard for testing products. Although the parameters of the Wing Turnstile Gates are basically the same, you should be great attention when purchasing.
1.When selecting the Flap Barrier Gate, it is nessessary to conduct a Factory Visit to have a basic understanding of the Business Nature(Factory or Trading Company) and professional levels.

2.The general material of the Turnstile Cabinet is Brushed 304 stainless steel with the thickness of 1.5mm, but there are factories who are using SUS#201. The simplest test method is the appearance and the weight, so consumers need to pay attention to the weight of the Wing Gates. if with SUS 201 or low grade of SUS 304.The price can be much cheaper,so stop asking for the lowest prices but a reasonable price with superior quality.

3.Safety of the Access Control Wing Turnstiles
The Flap Gate has an acoustic and light alarm function and contains illegal intrusion and trailing alarms. anti-shock function of the wing gate automatically locks the swing Barriers when it doesn't receive the authorized opening signal, effectively preventing the illegal intruder.

4.CXT patented brushless Wing Turnstile Mechanism
CXT automatic and silent brushless Wing Gate adopts high-precision casting movement. This movement is an upgraded product developed on the basis of the general movement in the market. It is combined with the latest ARM control technology and adopts industrial-grade control processing. A brand new product--known as Brushless Wing Gate, Silent during operation, ultra-stable operation, no mechanical wear, longer service life(MCBF:7 millions
times)etc., CXT upgraded Brushless Wing Turnstile overpass the ordinary Wing Turnstiles Gates at least 3 years in the market, unprecedented function ,CXT innovative brushless Wing Gate is once again at the forefront of the industry.

CXT patented brushless Access Control Wing Turnstile strengthly witness, high-end products can be with low-cost positioning. Don't worry about quality issues, don't worry about system problems, don't worry about after-sales problems, don't worry about price! ! You have absolutely right in choosing CXT brand, you definitely deserve it! !

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