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The Matters for Attention When Selecting Pedestrian Turnstile Gate
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The Matters for Attention When Selecting Pedestrian Turnstile Gate

Users will consider price, quality and service before purchasing any product no matter what industry they are in. By terms of products with non-immediate delivery, they will take supply cycle into account. It is just the same as consumers in the security industry when choosing turnstile gate.

Compared with general shopping goods or standardized products, turnstile gate has its characteristics: first, it is customized so different items and different occasions have different requirements, including functions and varied appearance. Second, it belongs to products needing safety, having a high demand of quality, reliability, security and follow-up after-sales service. Third, it is the product of industrial equipment, which is rather costly and strong in specialty.

1. The area of goods supply of pedestrian turnstile gate can be selected according to the projects.

Based on the selection of an area of goods supply, that is the principle of proximity, the local suppliers should be thought over as much as possible and manufacturers should be given priority to. However, limited by the production cost and marketing environment, the manufacturers of turnstile gate usually get together in some certain areas. If the project location is out of suitable producers, professional dealers or manufacturers nearby can be considered. This is vital to the users and projects that will use turnstile gate occasionally. To choose local suppliers is understanding the importance of service, the reasons are the following:

(1) The turnstile gate is large with complicated internal structure. Moreover, when installing, ground wiring and punching are needed to fix the turnstile gate. Thus, after the installation, it is difficult to move and repair the whole machine and the cost will be very high. So the technical staff from the industry will repair and update on-site generally. In this regard, only the manufacturers who can provide professional service or have a long-term close cooperation with dealers or engineering agents will have elaborate making and advanced design from the whole products to every component. If broken, the parts are hard to be replaced. While they design excellent products, maintainability, easy promotion and module replacement will go first

(2) It is easier to communicate with local suppliers who can provide more suggestions and services about the details of projects, helping the project go more smoothly. Of course, if local suppliers cannot meet the needs of the projects, users can designate the brand or contact the manufacturers directly.

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