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The Developing Trend of Face Recognition
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The Developing Trend of Face Recognition

Firstly, large-scale face searching which is based on big data is an important direction for future development. For example, police work has stepped into big data era, some traditional technological bottlenecks become obvious. Thus, taking advantage of face recognition technology to apply those volume big photos so as to increase the managing level of informationalizing security is vital for future face recognition technology.

Secondly, deep studying will level up the accuracy of face recognition to eyes recognition, broadening the application scenarios of 2D face recognition and being a financial application and acting as infrastructure to be applied widely with the help of Internet financial explosion. Furthermore, as Internet financial increasingly requires the business identity authentication, the third party authentication service platform will show up, and the future of plat profit model based on service providing has great potential.

Thirdly, with the development of 3D measuring technique, face recognition arithmetic of 3D will compensate for the lost of efficient identification information caused by 2D projection. Face rotation, occlusion and high resemblance, which are deep-rooted, offer a good way to deal with and become another significant developing root for face recognition technology. The improvement of 3D face database and the reduction of the equipment cost will give a lot of upsides for 3D technology.

Fourthly, as the national urbanization speeds up, the problems of social stability and city safety has gradually emerged, while face recognition technology is the key to realizing a safe and comfortable city. Therefore, as large-scale construction of intelligent city has been going, the application of face recognition will be a future new trend.

Fifthly, the rapid development of security industry provides a stage for face recognition application; on the other hand, as the technology further develops, a new market has been exploited for security industry. Analysis suggests that IVA will be one of the future directions for security market and face recognition will be a kind of vital technology and application within it.

Sixthly, because of the convenience and safety of face recognition, it can be used as access control system and identification system for smart home, thus the combination of them is an important direction for future. The face recognition in smart home is set up by embedded OS and embedded hardware platform, strengthening the combination degree to represent the characteristics of new concept and strong practicality.

Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co.,ltd. is specialized in managing the pedestrian passageway of entrance and exit, provides users a professional and humanized solution towards access system. It is a state-owned high-tech corporation integrating research, production, sales and service. The three major products face recognition access control system, include  tripod turnstile, swing gate, wing gate, revolving door, speedgate, sliding turnstile and minus turnstile.
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