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The Applications of Face Recognition Turnstiles
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The Applications of Face Recognition Turnstiles

Face recognition gate is a pass management device which is composed of face recognition system and gate turnstile. The main recognition methods include not only face recognition method, but also include swiping the card, ID card or scanning the code, taking fingerprint and other methods. Of course, the specific recognition method should be based on the specific needs of the situation. For example, face recognition gate machine is more suitable for applying to office buildings, administrative organs, banks and other places.

Face recognition gate can be used in enterprise office building. The original entrance guard of enterprise office building is swiping the card. So in order not to waste the resource, we only need the gate manufacturer to intervene the original entrance guard system. After that by using the card, recognizing face, and swiping ID card methods, people all can go in and out of the face recognition gate.

If the facial recognition security system is installed in the office building that has just been built, this situation is relatively simple to handle. After understanding the requirements of the enterprise (functional and price requirements), we can give an accurate face recognition channel solution. The requirements consist of the type of the gate machine, the price of the face recognition gate, the customization of the function of the face recognition gate and so on.

In view of the situation that face recognition gate is installed in the office building, Shenzhen CXT Technology Development Co,.ltd., the manufacturer of the gate, has put forward some suggestions. If the enterprise office building has a gate machine originally installed, it just needs to add the function of face recognition. In this case, the enterprise needs to consult the supplier of the original gate to see if the gate machine has the integration of man and documents docking development ability and extensible function. There are other situations to use the face recognition gate and the integration of man and documents gate, if there are any specific needs, you can consult manufacturers.

In addition to the office building, the face recognition gate, of course, has the most use of the car station, the inspection station, the railway station, the airport, the customs and so on places.
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