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The Advantages of High Speed Gate
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The Advantages of High Speed Gate

The advantages of high speed gate: The intelligent management system of high speed gate is a smart system developed by non-contact intelligent technology, which has the following advantage when compared with other systems:

1. The box adopts a fully enclosed stainless steel shell rain-proof design and CNC laser cutting with a better efficiency of rain-proof and anti-rust.

2. The control board is equipped with multiple over-current, over-voltage and lightning protection circuit, which makes the system operation more stable and reliable.

3, Smart IC card: The system uses non-contact smart card, which is also known as RF card. It successfully solves various problems like a card for multiple applications, confidentiality, no wear and easy to operate, which greatly improves the system's practicality.

4. High speed gate is convenient to increase the capacity expansion: the computer and auto gate adopts RS485 bus communication (TCP communication). Therefore, it is convenient to increase the capacity expansion. That is, if it is necessary, the number of channels need to be increased after installing the corresponding control system. However, for the hardware, it only needs to increase the corresponding intelligent auto gates while for the software, it only needs to set up the newly added equipment.

5. Offline operation: Intelligent auto gate can not only be networked with the computer, but also can work offline. It can automatically determine that whether the IC card is effective, decide that whether to open the gate and store the opening record in memory according to the system downloaded parameters.

6. It can be randomly equipped with the part of smart card reader. As it uses the optical principles to control the rotation of the shaft, there is no demand for the received signal delay and it can be reset immediately after the transfer. Power off the rod or manual drop bar are optional.

7. The control host is equipped with RS485 communication interface, which can be extended to directly control auto gate through the software to facilitate the centralized management and control of large-scale channel systems.

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