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Supermarket Entry Gate Introduction
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Supermarket Entry Gate Introduction

The swipe card entry gate is mainly used in places such as residential areas and factories. It is mainly used for work attendance check and access control. The personnel swipes the card to complete the automatic detection. If there is permission, the controller will send a signal to the entry gate to open the gate. As for the swipe card entry gate, you should first swipe a card, then pass through the gate. If you don't pass within the prescribed time, the system will automatically cancel the access permission, and the swing arm will be closed. In order to re-pass through the gate, it is necessary to re-swipe the card. The swipe card entry gate is equipped with an induction system, it will automatically close after the personnel passes the gate. If a trailing phenomenon occurs, the gate will automatically alarm and close the gate. (The swipe swing gate has time setting and sensing point setting; the supermarket entry gates do not have time and sensing point settings to restrict access)

As a pedestrian passage gate used in public places, the supermarket entry gate has different settings compared with other access control gates. A supermarket is a place where everyone can go in and consume, but consumers won’t always have the access cards. The supermarket entry gate is mainly a channel product invented for the supermarket to regulate the flow of people. When no customer enters the supermarket, the supermarket entry gate is in the state of self-closing. The supermarket entry gate is a kind of one-way channel, if illegal entry happens, it will automatically alarm. At the entrance, as long as someone enters, the gate will automatically open, which will not limit the entry time and frequency. It is a new type of swing gate worth promoting.

Although both the swipe card entry gate and the supermarket entry gate belong to the swing gate, they are completely different in the way of usage method and place of use, and the two cannot be mutually balanced. Therefore, everyone must explain to the manufacturer the specific use of the swing gate when purchasing the swing gate, so that the manufacturer can provide the swing gate product suitable for you according to the specific situation.
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