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Precautions for Choosing Speedgate Enterprises
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Precautions for Choosing Speedgate Enterprises

Regardless of the industry, users will always consider the price, quality, service and other factors before purchasing any products. For products that cannot be delivered immediately, the supply cycle will be taken into account, the same is true for consumers in the security industry when purchasing channel gates.

But compared to general consumer products or standardized products, the channel gate has its own unique position: first of all, the channel gate is a customized product. Different projects and different occasions will have different needs, including differences in functions and appearance. Secondly, the channel gate is a security product with high requirements for quality, reliability, safety and follow-up service. Moreover, the channel gates are industrial grade equipment products, the price is relatively high, and the professionalism is relatively strong. These features increase the difficulty and risk of purchasing: because it is a customized product, and the price is high, users cannot purchase some samples for testing in advance; due to the strong professionalism, if there is no relevant industry experience, it is difficult to determine which manufacturer's product is more suitable. Many users unilaterally pursue low prices, while ignoring quality and follow-up services, resulting in high maintenance costs for the project, and the gates finally became furnishings. Therefore, the key to purchasing a channel gate is to select a supplier. How to choose the right manufacturer? Below Shenzhen Chuang Xin Tong Technology & Development Co., Ltd will introduce the precautions when selecting the channel gate manufacturer:

1. The pedestrian passage gate can be selected according to the location of the project.

Select the supply area according to the location of the project, that is, consider local suppliers as much as possible according to the location of the project, giving priority to local manufacturers. However, due to manufacturing costs and market environment constraints, manufacturers of channel gates are generally concentrated in certain areas. If there is no suitable manufacturer at the project location, consider a professional dealer or a manufacturer in the surrounding area, which is especially important for users and projects that only occasionally use the channel gates. The choice of a local supplier is based on the importance of the service for the following reasons:

(1) The channel gate has a large volume and a complicated internal structure, and it is necessary to wire and punch holes in the ground to fix the channel gate during installation. Therefore, after the channel gate is installed, it is very difficult to repair the whole machine, and the cost will be very high. Therefore, the technicians of the channel gate manufacturers are generally required to go to the site for maintenance and update. From this aspect, manufacturers who can provide professional services or dealers and contractors who have long-term close cooperation with the manufacturers should be given priority. At the same time, we should choose the channel gate manufacturers that produce in a standardized manner. Because only such manufacturers can achieve precision manufacturing and advanced design, from the entire product to the small parts. For example, many low-end channel gate manufacturers only simply solder and fix many components. Once the channel gate is damaged, it is difficult to replace parts. However, the well-designed products will be pre-conceived for maintainability and can be easily upgraded and replaced.

(2) It is more convenient to communicate with local suppliers. They can provide more detailed advice and services on the project, which will help the project progress more smoothly. Of course, if the local supplier cannot meet the project requirements, the user can specify the brand or directly contact the channel gate manufacturer.
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