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Pedestrain Barrier Gate

Nowadays, pedestrain barrier gates are widely used in daily life. What are the functional characteristics of pedestrain barrier gates?

1) It has the function of fault self-checking and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use; in the process of using, the barrier gate can only enter when it opens to a certain extent and has the indication arrow prompting.

2) Illegal entry alarm; it has the function of fault self-check and alarm prompt, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

3) Anti-scour function, the telescopic arm is automatically locked when no open signal is received.

4) Infrared/mechanical dual anti-clip function, when the telescopic arm is blocked in the process of resetting, it will rebound automatically or stop the motor automatically within a specified time, and the force is very small, and at the same time it will send out sound and light alarm signal.

5) It has the function of automatic reset. After pedestrians read valid cards, the system will automatically cancel the pedestrian's right of passage if the system does not pass within the specified time.

6) It has the uniform standard external electrical interface, which can be connected with a variety of card readers, and remote control and management can be realized by management computer.

7) The whole system runs smoothly and has low noise.

Barrier gate, as a common type of passage brake, is used more and more closely to the life of the public. Correct use of pedestrian passage barrier gate can reduce the noise and impact problems in the operation process, improve the service life of the equipment, and make the operation of the barrier gate more stable. In the use process, the following points should be paid attention to in practical use:

1. In the process of using the barrier gate, the cardholder swipes the card outside the Yellow line. Do not stand at the infrared alarm of the winglet to swipe the card. When the winglet gate is fully opened and the arrow indicates the passage, you can enter. Do not stay in it, so as to improve the fluidity of the passage.

2. During the passage of the winglet, it must not follow into the passage of the winglet. Do not force the barrier gate to disguise, in order to avoid the gate pinching people, the front personnel has passed the middle point, the back personnel can swipe the card, swipe the card effectively will have the arrow indication at the same time the gate opens, so that the machine has an alarm or voice prompt, do not pass through the machine casually, if there is a fault, immediately notify the management personnel for inspection and maintenance.

3. The cardholder swipes the card in the induction area, not too high, so as not to be able to sense, nor to post the card in the induction area. The right hand-held card is right, parallel to the induction area, and within 50MM of the induction area, the induction distance is good. Hearing a "beep" proves that the card has been swiped successfully, so that it can be passed.

4. Barrier gate also needs to be maintained regularly. Dust inside and outside the chassis should be carried out regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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