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Office Access Control Systems
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Office Access Control Systems

The office access control systems consist of a central database server, a guest self-issuing card terminal, a tenant authentication terminal, an entry and exit gate, a property management terminal, a service front desk, a guard terminal, and an ID card reader. The first is that the identity of the visitor will be the responsibility of the interviewed tenant, which requires the installation of a guest self-service card-issuing terminal at the front desk of the building. The tenant sends a command to the self-issuing card terminal to issue a card to the visitor, and the visitor can input the personal image information through the self-service card-issuing terminal, and sequentially take the card. The card contains information such as the time and number of gates that the visitor can pass, the number of elevator floors that can be reached, the number of times, and the time. The visitor visits with the card.

In addition, the passage between the public area and the non-public area is comprehensively armed, such as installing intelligent tripod turnstile and automatic speed-passing doors (gates) on the passages leading to the elevators in the hall. When a person enters or exits the gate, he or she needs to swipe the card to perform strict authority authentication, and can trigger the image information of the captured passer to be displayed and saved at the guard management terminal. Moreover, the entrance and exit gates are also responsible for the automatic recycling operation of the foreign visitor cards.

The property management center can query the visitor records related to itself through the management software according to various search methods such as date and time. The contents of the visit registration include: authorized card issuance time, visitor pick-up time, image information when the visitor picks up the card, name of the entrance and exit gate, time of the entrance and exit gate, card recovery time, etc.

The front-end service terminal is mainly responsible for the issuance management of some special visitors, such as the card-issuing operation of people with reduced mobility, and the service personnel will help them confirm the fact of the visit with the tenant. This process requires some same basic functions of a self-service card-issuing terminal; For VIPs, if you do not want to use a visitor's card, the service desk can temporarily shut down the gate control function of a specified area through the management system, then return the status to the original security management state after the VIP passes.

The guard terminal can use the ID card reader to read the validity of the card, including system key authentication, card sector password authentication, block password authentication in the card sector, and blacklist card authentication; The portal visitor information can be displayed in real time.

The property management terminal is responsible for setting the operating parameters of the system, including various system security mechanisms, key mechanisms, traffic mechanisms, opening mechanisms, and visitor card validity periods.
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