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Maintenance Of Three Arm Turnstiles
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Maintenance Of Three Arm Turnstiles

Maintenance of three arm Turnstiles is critical. Like cars, it needs to be maintained. Maintenance of three arm Turnstiles directly affects the service life of three arm Turnstiles. Therefore, to maintain three arm Turnstiles regularly and regularly, we must do it well as required. Many users seldom maintain or even have no maintenance at all. When the machine breaks down, they think of the manufacturer before they change the parts. This is often due to small losses. Usually, there is no maintenance at all. A little problem will cause a lot of trouble for a long time. Therefore, the majority of new and old customers must recognize the importance of three arm Turnstiles maintenance.

General maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

1.External Maintenance: Most of the three arm Turnstiles are made of SU304 stainless steel made in China. Weekly appearance clean, remove rust spots, use a soft cloth and fossil powder to polish the outside of the chassis, coated with anti-rust oil. Don't rub the rust-proof oil on the surface with your hands, wait for 3-5 hours to dry naturally and then touch with your hands. Otherwise, the rust-proof effect of the surface will be destroyed. If the surface is sprayed, dust is wiped off and scratches are exposed, then repaired with the same color paint.

2. Maintenance of the machine core: The machine core is the heart of the machine, it must be well maintained. Usually, once month maintenance, open the top cover and cut off the power supply, clean the dust on the top, clean the transmission part first and then add butter or high concentration of oil. Check whether the fasteners are loosened, tighten the fasteners, check the wear of vulnerable parts, locating arm and positioning plate have more than 3 mm, the clearance is replaced in time, the normal clearance (1-1.5 mm), butter or oil is properly added in the solenoid valve core, so that the left and right movement of the solenoid valve is to reduce resistance, get lubrication, not to add. Too much, moderate.

Third, the maintenance of the circuit part, according to the previous use, to see whether there are problems in the electronic control part, no problems, then check whether the power supply is exposed to be bandaged, the wire is collated, whether the wire is aging, to be replaced, refer to the three arm Turnstiles instructions, check the parameters of each part. If there is a problem, we should find the root cause of the problem and replace individual electronic components.
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