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Maintenance of Outdoor Turnstiles
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Maintenance of Outdoor Turnstiles

Although the outdoor turnstiles have a unique shape, anti-rust function and strong resistance to external damage, because of its close contact with external forces, the maintenance of the turnstiles is still very necessary. How to maintain outdoor turnstiles?

1. External maintenance: According to the needs of the site, the outdoor turnstile is installed outdoor. Although it is made of stainless steel, after being exposed to sun and rain for a long time, the surface of it will inevitably appear rust spots and other dirt. Hence, it needs to be cleaned once a week.

Methods: Use soft cloth and fossil powder to polish the outer surface of the machine body, coat it with rust-proof oil, do not mop the rust-proof oil that is just applied, otherwise the rust-proof effect of the surface will be destroyed, after 3 to 5 hours of natural drying, it can be touched by hand.

2. Movement maintenance: Movement is the heart of the machine, which should be maintained at least once a month. Open the top cover of the outdoor turnstiles to cut off the power supply and clean the dust. As for its transmission part, clean first and then add butter or high-concentration oil to it. Check whether the fasteners are loose, tighten the fasteners. Check the wear of vulnerable parts. If the distance between the turnstiles positioning arm and the positioning plate exceeds 3 mm, then they should be replaced timely, as the normal clearance is 1-1.5mm. The turnstiles solenoid valve spool should be added with proper butter or oil so that the resistance of it could be reduced during the left and right movement. But the butter or oil added should not be too much.

3. Circuit maintenance: According to the user's previous feedback, check whether there are problems in the electronic control part of the outdoor turnstiles.

Methods: Check whether the wiring is aging or not, replace the aged ones in time. Check whether the power is exposed or not.
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