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Introduction of Full Height Turnstile Gate
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Introduction of Full Height Turnstile Gate

CXT arc full height turnstile gate has a unique and beautiful design, fine processing, perfect control technology, accurate and reliable positioning, low running noise, complete functions, high grade, fast speed and artistically processed side lighting. They are mainly used in high-end places such as smart buildings, high-end office buildings, hotels, government agencies, and clubs.

The arc full height turnstile gate integrates mechanical, electronic, servo motor, controller and various identification technologies into one body, which facilitates the integration of identification devices such as IC card, ID card, barcode platform, fingerprint and face recognition on the device. Through the selection of various identification system equipment and the use of reliable security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indications, etc., coordinate the intelligent control and management of the channel.

Introduction of the functional features of the CXT full height turnstile gate:

1)It has fault self-test and logic judgment function, which is convenient for user maintenance and function debugging;

2)Flexible dialing settings for the performance of the device, up to dozens;

3)Intelligent anti-pinch function. When there is a person or obstacle at the stop of the arm, it automatically stops or rebounds, and sends an alarm signal at the same time;

4)A variety of alarm modes, including illegal intrusion, anti-intrusion, trailing, transit timeout alarms, etc.;

5)Anti-shock function, the arm is automatically locked when no open signal is received;

6)When the reverse intrusion occurs, it is turned off and alarmed. When the card is swiped in the forward direction, someone first breaks in from the back, and the flap will quickly close and issue an alarm;

7)Flexible access indicator function, high-brightness indicator light and its user-friendly reminder function make the channel more distinctive;

8)Normally open and normally closed mode are adjustable, easy to control by dialing code or external manual button;

9)Automatic detection and reset function. After the gate is opened, the system will automatically cancel the permission of the passage when the passage of the object is not detected within the specified time (adjustable);

10)The power-off function is automatically opened normally to meet the requirements of fire protection;

11)Can be connected with a variety of control devices, receiving relay switch signals to work;

12)There are various modes of access, which can control the entry and exit of personnel in one direction or two directions, or one-way controlled, reverse free passage;

13)It has a strong adaptability to the environment and can work normally in all kinds of harsh environments. It has super self-protection ability and can adapt to a weak electric short circuit, strong light irradiation, fog, rain, snow, typhoon weather and environmental changes.
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